Our MajorArcs

We are the protagonist of our story. On a hero’s journey. Our learnings in the conferences form the major arc in this narrative. 

Major Arcs is a collection of our talks, for us, and by us. Our talks about our work are the talks of our life. 

Our slides, or videos, or scenes are the natural references to these talks.

These are more findable now ->

See Vinish Garg, or the Utterly Content 2020, or EuroIA 2020 as the references for event.

Your MajorArc

If you attend tech conferences or present at these events, or if you are the founder organizer of a tech conference, please share the basic details (a Google form opens in a new tab) to get listed, or to get access to set up and manage your events if these are already listed. OR, share the details below.