2020. November 18-20

UX New Zealand 2020

The Organizer

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The conference program includes a variety of talks and sessions.

MajorArcs speaker Andrew Millar
Andrew Millar
MajorArcs speaker Anna Bek
Anna Bek
MajorArcs speaker Bradley Gabr Ryn
Bradley Gabr Ryn
MajorArcs speaker Clint Schnee
Clint Schnee
Ben Tollady
Donna Spencer
MajorArcs speaker Elena Farragher
Elena Farragher
MajorArcs speaker Elizabeth Lang
Elizabeth Lang
Gareth Roberts
MajorArcs speaker James Ford
James Ford
MajorArcs speaker Jennie Leng
Jennie Leng
Jon Bell
MajorArcs speaker Jonathon Colman
Jonathon Colman
Julie Watson
Kate Towsey
Kanhika Nikam
Katherine Barrow
Michelle Pickrell
Pete Lister
Q Walker
Rod Acevedo
Ruth Brown
Ruth Ellison
Ruth Elliott
Tom Holloway

The Conference Sponsors

The Conference Tech