2020. October 19-21

utterly Content Conference 2020

The Organizer

The Utterly Content conference is bought to you by the same team that have been running the popular ContentEd conference for education sector for the past three years. Led by internationally renowned content strategist, Tracy Playle, the team are leaders in bringing together content strategy events, training and consultancy services. Meet the conference hosts.


The conference program includes a variety of talks and sessions.

Bee Boman
Cameron Pegg
Candi Williams
MajorArcs speaker David Dylan Thomas
David Dylan Thomas
Dominique Fong
Elleen Webb
Frances Gordon
MajorArcs speaker Hilary Marsh
Hilary Marsh
Julius Honnor
Katie Delangel
Kerry Anne Gilowey
MajorArcs speaker Larry Swanson
Larry Swanson
Luc Benyon
Mandy Campbell
Margo Stern
Mariel Norton
Mary Sabotkoski
Meghan Casey
MajorArcs speaker Noz Urbina
Noz urbina
Ravi Jain
Richard Prowse
Sally Bagshaw
Sam Irons
MajorArcs speaker Sarah Richards
Sarah Richards
Susan Westwater
Tracy Playle

The Conference Sponsors

The Conference Tech

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