2021. June 27-29

Car HMI Europe 2021

The Organizer

Car HMI Europe is brought to you by Smart Mobility Hub. They are the knowledge-exchange platform for automotive professionals, innovative technical pioneers and decision-makers.
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The conference program includes a variety of talks and sessions.

Alan Armstrong
MajorArcs speaker Axel Torschmied
Axel Torschmied
Carsten Isert
Christopher Brockmeier
MajorArcs speaker Dietrich Manstetten
Dietrich Manstetten
Frederik Diederichs
Friedrich Niehaus
Julia Weinmann
MajorArcs speaker Laurent Nicolas
Laurent Nicolas
Marco Wiedner
Patrice Reilhac
Stefan Hertel
Thomas Vohringer Kuhnt
Zeljko Medenica

The Conference Sponsors

The Conference Tech